There are many compelling reasons to install a Milestone Outdoor LED Message Sign at your School

First appearances count. Which is why keeping a school’s image on the leading edge is a top priority for progressive Principals. With a Milestone Outdoor LED School Message Sign you can modernise your school’s image, eliminate the time drain of manually updating an old sign and reduce the OHS risks of having a staff member up a ladder on a regular basis.

Milestone Outdoor School LED Message Signs are:-

  • Eye catching and engaging
  • Highly visible over long distances day and night
  • Quick and easy to change, saving you time.
  • Extremely flexible
  • Easy to maintain
  • Minimise OH&S risk for staff and students
  • Save time finding and changing manual letter signs


Why buy from us?

  • No technical knowledge required on your part – we look after everything
  • Our signs use the entire LED surface area – you are not restricted a set number of lines of text
  • Full colour, high quality LED’s
  • 6000 levels of grey scale providing the best resolution and readability
  • Display text, pictures and video
  • Easy to use. Have multiple zones and overlays within the same screen
  • Advanced scheduling allows you to schedule content months in advance
  • Trouble free installation service
  • No ongoing fees or charges
  • Fully integrated to the DET/DEC network. Where required standalone or cloud based
  • Proven reliability, support and ongoing service
  • Specialists in regional and remote installations
  • Free onsite quotes