There are many compelling and inspirational reasons to install a Milestone Outdoor LED Message Sign at your Place of Worship.

Milestones range of outdoor all weather LED message signs allow your place of worship to improve its communication with parishioners, staff and the community at large.

  • Promote upcoming events and activities
  • Display service times
  • Notify of important calendar days
  • Welcome important visitors
  • Broadcast inspirational passages and safety messages
  • Post community reminders
  • Countdown to an opening or event
  • Safety Messages

The applications are too numerous to mention.


Thinking of re-using your existing changeable letter sign…

In most cases Milestone can upgrade your existing sign with a Milestone Outdoor LED Message Sign making life both easier and safer.

  • Milestone Solutions outdoor all weather LED message signs are extremely bright and clearly visible both day and night.
  • No more having to go to the sign to change the message. The sign is changed instantaneously from your desk.
  • No more losing or missing letters. The signs are electronic, just type and send.
  • No more OHS issues. Climbing precarious ladders on uneven ground on wet days is a thing of the past.
  • No more changing internal fluorescent tubes. Our LED signs are rated for upwards of 10 years continual use.
  • No more being restricted to “one page”. Our signs can display many messages with a myriad of transition effects between pages, multi-line text, different fonts etc.
  • Durable. Our LED signs require very little maintenance and are hard to damage.
  • Green. Our LED signs are extremely energy efficient, up to 80% less energy consumption than most conventional lighting products


Why buy from us

  • No technical knowledge required on your part – we look after everything
  • Our signs use the entire LED surface area – you are not restricted a set number of lines of text
  • High quality 10mm pitch LED’s
  • 6000 levels of grey scale providing the best resolution and readability
  • Display text, pictures and even moving graphics
  • Easy to use. Have multiple zones and overlays within the same screen
  • Advanced scheduling allows you to schedule content months in advance
  • Trouble free installation service
  • No ongoing fees or charges
  • Fully integrated to your network, standalone or cloud based
  • Proven reliability, support and ongoing service
  • We specialise in regional installations
  • Free onsite quotes