Milestone Solutions offers a range of digital signage solutions, both hardware and software, that can be customised to any requirement. From small in-house advertising displays to large outdoor billboards, Milestone has the digital signage solution to suit.

Digital Signage is a broad term encompassing a variety of different applications and technologies. In general, digital signage refers to electronically controlled signs that can be updated without the cost and expense of changing the physical sign itself.

Changes can be made quickly and cost effectively, and targeted messages can be distributed to single, hundreds or thousands of displays at once.

Because of their size and flexibility digital signage can be placed in high-traffic areas or at any location where it is needed.


Get people talking

Milestone’s Digital Signage allows your business to communicate with your customers and the community at large while increasing your recognition. Motivate customers to purchase by advertising your products, show promotional videos, sales pricing, achievements, projects or events. Countdown days to announce new models, highlight special offers, display community safety messages – the list is endless.


Enjoy the benefits

  • Digital Signage is very strategic. It can easily be updated in minutes in response to demographics, time of the day, or even the temperature outside. In contrast, static displays may take weeks, even months to update or change.
  • Digital Signage is very effective in conveying messages. Digital Signage is eye catching, persuasive and dynamic.
  • Digital Signage offers increased flexibility. Messages and content can be changed quickly for promotions, events, meeting locations, etc.
  • Digital Signage increases the quality of customer service. The system can provide information on services and help raise awareness of items to be promoted.
  • Digital Signage reduces operating costs. Production and distribution costs of digital signage compared to traditional signage are minimal.